General Terms and Conditions
Scope of Work:

  • This agreement covers the remodeling services as outlined in the attached project proposal. Any changes or additions to the scope of work must be agreed upon in writing by both parties.

    Project Timeline:
  • The estimated project start and completion dates are provided in the project proposal. Delays caused by unforeseen circumstances or changes to the scope of work may affect the timeline.

    Materials and Supplies:
  • The cost of materials and supplies can be included in the project proposal depending on the type of package selected. Any additional materials requested by the client will be invoiced separately. Labor only does not include materials. 

  • We guarantee our workmanship for a period of 30-days from the date of completion. This warranty does not cover damage caused by negligence, misuse, or acts of nature. Any repairs caused by negligence, misuse, or acts of nature will be billed accordingly. 

  • Either party may terminate this agreement in writing if the other party breaches its obligations. In the event of termination, the client is responsible for payment for work completed up to that point.

    Permits and Approvals:
  • The client is responsible for obtaining any necessary permits and approvals for the remodeling project. The company will assist with the process but does not assume this responsibility.

    Access to Property:
  • The client agrees to provide the remodeling company with access to the property during agreed-upon working hours. Delays caused by restricted access may impact the project timeline.

    Site Preparation:
  • The client is responsible for clearing the work area of personal items and furniture before the project start date. The company is not liable for damage to items left in the work area.

    Utilities and Services:
  • The client agrees to maintain necessary utility services throughout the project, including water, electricity, and heating/cooling, as needed for construction activities.

    Change Orders:
  • Any changes to the scope of work requested by the client must be submitted in writing and approved by both parties. Additional costs associated with change orders will be reflected in updated invoices.

    Environmental Hazards:
  • The client must disclose any potential environmental hazards on the property, such as lead-based paint or asbestos. Additional costs for handling hazardous materials may apply.


Payment Terms and Conditions

  • Payment Schedule:
    • The client agrees to the following payment schedule:
      • 2% non-refundable deposit due upon signing this agreement.
      • 50% due 3- days before the project start date.
      • Progress payments as outlined in the project timeline and invoiced accordingly.
      • Final payment due upon completion.
  • Payment Methods:
    • Accepted payment methods include:
      • Cash (preferred method)
      • Check: Payable to DMZ Remodeling LTD
      • Bank Transfer: Account details provided on invoices
      • Credit/Debit Card: A processing fee of [specified percentage] will be applied to credit/debit card transactions.
  • Returned Payments:
    • A fee of $35 USD will be charged for any returned checks or unsuccessful electronic funds transfers.
  • Unforeseen Costs:
    • The client is responsible for any additional costs incurred due to unforeseen circumstances, changes to the scope of work, or delays caused by factors beyond the control of the remodeling company.
  • Dispute Resolution:
    • In the event of a payment dispute, both parties agree to engage in good faith negotiations to resolve the issue. If a resolution cannot be reached, the matter may be subject to mediation or legal proceedings.
  • Refund Policy:
    • Refunds will not be provided for the non-refundable deposit or for work already completed. In the case of project termination, any prepaid amounts for work not yet performed will be refunded, minus applicable fees.

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